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DAGU educational robot 6WD wild thumper chassis (Black  body with 75:1 gearbox)CE certificate
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DAGU educational robot 6WD wild thumper chassis (Black body with 75:1 gearbox)CE certificate
  • NO.:RS003B75
  • Brand:DAGU
  • Weight:7.000kilogram
  • Sales time:2014-05-22
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Goods Brief:


  Four options for your choose:  ( when order,please let me know which option you need)  

1. Silver body with 34:1 gearbox
2. Silver body with 75:1 gearbox
3. Black  body with 34:1 gearbox
4. Black  body with 75:1 gearbox

Wild Thumper:
It should be noted that the Wild Thumper chassis's are high powered chassis's designed to work with popular 7.2V NiMh or 7.4V LiPo battery packs.
The chassis comes pre-wired however power wiring between the battery and the controller should be automotive wire with at least a 20A rating.
Video of 6WD fighting fire: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK4yCUQz_mU
We do have a 6DOF arm that suits the Wild Thumper chassis. The arm is also constructed from aluminium.
This arm is sold seperately and is easily mounted on the top deck of the Wild Thumper.
We have a new controller available now for controlling the Wild Thumper chassis called the T'REX robot controller.
The T'REX is more than just a high powered motor controller ans switchmode power supply. It is an Arduino based robot controller.
Using the supplied sample code the T'REX can automatically detect if an RC receiver or bluetooth module is connected.
If no remote control method is detected then it defaults to I2C control intended for autonomous robots.

Each unit comes pre-assembled in a colour printed box. Wheels only need to be fitted with supplied allen key. A simple printed manual is included.


This all terrain robot chassis is made from 2mm thick anodised aluminium plate with stainless steel and nickel plated brass fittings. With 6 powerful steel geared motors, spiked tractor tyres and a "Super Twist" suspension system to keep all wheels on the ground this chassis will let your robot go almost anywhere! 

Outdoor rescue robot research universities is not only an important issue, but also the direction of development of military applications, Otani 6 drove the emergence of search and rescue work outdoors is undoubtedly driven 6WD its suspension system is the world's first outdoor search and rescue aircraft highlight, with its excellent ground adaptability and strong momentum confirm this suspension system of outstanding results; Meanwhile, large diameter rubber tires and high torque gear motor is the rare, it will be the biggest highlight of the outdoor models.

This is a 6-wheel drive chassis. The chassis using the original, similar to the off-road vehicle suspension system suspension device that allows the body to the grass, gravel road lights speeding on complex (no-load state can easily climb gradient of 30 degrees stairs).
In addition, this section outdoor rescue platform trucks can carry Otani "six degrees of freedom robotic arm" (such as the installation of a robotic arm, use two sets of NiMH battery pack independent drive), you can become an outstanding performance wilderness search and rescue robots.
Both schools, research institutions or enterprises robot, which the 6-drive chassis is a cost-effective teaching and research robot platform.

Product parameters:

Size: 425 * 300 * 120mm
Chassis Universal plate (fixed plate) Aperture: 4MM
Rated Voltage: DC 6V (minimum 2V maximum 7.5V)
Maximum Stall Current 5.5A
Each motor no-load current: 350mA
Motor RPM: 10000 + / - 5%
Output shaft speed: 295rpm + / - 5%
Stall Torque: 4Kg/cm
Bike Weight: 3.5KG
Single motor torque: 12Kg · cm
Rated voltage: 7.2V
Maximum traction force: 28N
Maximum Load: 6KG (75:1); 5KG (34:1)
There are two motor gear box ratio for selection: 75:1 and 34:1 (two kinds of gear ratio of the body at the same price)
75:1 bodywork features: slower, suitable for lawn, snow, mounds, stone ground, you can climb stairs, powerful, load slightly stronger.
34:1 bodywork features: flat (crushed gravel, cement, asphalt, dirt roads, beaches) moving fast, the load is poor, there is no large stones mound area, speed and power is also good.
Note: More than 30CM height above the side of the fall, may be motor gear box cause permanent flawed.

Product Details Dimensions:




The bottom of the damping system show:




The following is equipped with a DAGU 6 DOF robot arm renderings (For arm sold separately):



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