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T‘Rex Metal Tank
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T‘Rex Metal Tank
  • NO.:RS035
  • Brand:DAGU
  • Weight:7.000kilogram
  • Sales time:2013-12-26
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Goods Brief:


We now have a new robot chassis, the T'REX TANK. This is another "all metal" robot chassis designed for the T'REX robot controller.
This chassis has a much higher ground clearance than most other tank chassis's making it ideal for the roughest terrain.
Video of the T'REX TANK prototype: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qyzs-LxoyzQ
Video of the final product in mud: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SA4yewFQT2A




The T’REX TANK is an all-metal tank chassis designed for all-terrain robot projects. All six lower wheels have independent suspension to help improve traction and absorb shock. High ground clearance allows the T’REX to handle very rough terrain.


Removing the covers:

The front and top covers are held in place with spring catches mounted between the wheels. To release the front cover, slide the front catch releases on both sides towards the back. The front cover should then lift up so it can be easily opened.


To release the top cover, slide the rear catch releases on both sides to the back. The top cover will then lift up slightly so it can be easily removed.


To lock these covers back in place, push down firmly until you hear the catches “click”. Please note that the top cover can only go in one way.



There is plenty of room inside for batteries, the T’REX controller and a development board. The T’REX has 12V motors so a 3S LiPo, 5000mAh or better is recommended. The T’REX controller includes a switch-mode power supply that can efficiently supply 6V for servos and 5V for a development board.

Electrical noise and RF shielding:

The aluminium body will block electrical noise and radio signals so it is recommended that all radio transmitters / receivers, GPS and compass modules are mounted on top of the chassis.





Removable sensor panel:

The front sensor panel can be removed to make it easy to drill mounting holes for sensors. This panel can also be reversed so that sensors can be mounted further back. If you have a 3D printer you may prefer to remove this panel and replace it with a custom front panel.



The body is aluminium, the gears, tracks, suspension struts and wheels are die cast zinc. These metals offer good corrosion resistance so no maintenance for these parts is required.


The idler wheels can be easily removed for cleaning by removing the circlip on the shaft. Be careful when removing these as they are under spring tension and may shoot off.


The idler wheels have brass bushes that require minimum maintenance. A dry lubricant should be used for the idler wheels and gearbox.









PS: the product not include controller,just  chassis.


The T'REX motors are 12V and work best from a 3S LiPo 5000mAh or better. Each motor has a stall current of 11A so you need a beefy motor controller. The chassis included mounting holes for either a Wild Thumper controller or the new T'REX robot controller.


The new T'REX robot controller features:

Arduino compatible with ATmega328 processor @ 16MHz.

USB, ISP and FTDI sockets for easy programming and bootloader burning.

Input voltage from 7V to 30V with 6V @3A servo power in high voltage mode.

Input voltage from 5.5V to 8.4V with servos powered directly from the battery in low voltage mode.

Battery monitor on A3.

5V @ 2A output for powering external controllers (ideal for Raspberry Pi and other 32bit controllers).

Dual FET "H" bridge rated at 20A per channel (40A peak).

PWM controlled electronic braking independant for each motor.

PWM frequency of 32kHz for silent motor control.

PTC self resetting fuse for each motor.

Hall effect, factory calibrated current sensor for each motor.

6x servo outputs (6V or battery voltage depending on power mode).

Built in 3-axis accelerometer with selectable 1.5G or 6G sensitivity.

I2C interface with voltage translation circuitry, works with 3.3V and 5V devices (ideal for Raspberry Pi and other 32bit controllers).

Bluetooth interface socket for optional bluetooth interface (ideal for mobile phone control).

Power, RX, TX, SDA, SCL and motor fault indication LEDs.


Embedded video:     http://letsmakerobots.com/node/37546


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