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puppy dog kit
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puppy dog kit
  • NO.:RS032
  • Brand:DAGU
  • Weight:1.000kilogram
  • Sales time:2013-12-27
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Playful Puppy robot kit:
This kit is ideal for kids who want to learn about robots and are learning about Arduino at school (ages 12+) or just as a hobby.
A small screwdriver and spanner are the only tools required and are included in the kit making it ideal for the classroom.
Video of this product can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OR7yLpxXbA
The instruction manual for this product can be viewed / downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B__O096vyVYqU3JvX2VZNHRRdzA/edit?usp=sharing
The first half of the manual covers all aspects from assembly to wiring to installing the software.
The second half explains how the code works plus advanced topics such as programming via the ISP socket and re-installing the bootloader.
The sample code provided allow the robot to track hand movements, follow your hand and basic tricks like shaking hands and sitting up.
The code has detailed comments on most lines which combined with the explanation in the manual should help students modify the code.

 Product Features:
2013 models pet dog (puppy robot), the structure is more compact , a lot of steps to streamline assembly , robotics enthusiasts welcome ordering and finished products, parts, can be booked , thank you ! !

Quad Puppy dog is an entry level , using Arduino control board , MCU using atmega 8, plus with the head of the Infrared Array designed. The robot , in terms of appearance, or from the structure , and both show achieved through a multi- joint robot features a bionic , through ordinary atmega 8 chips, control 10 servos and an infrared array , in order to enrich the action demonstrate a bionic robot , illustrates the difficulty of programming and depth ! !

Why is defined as a pet , mainly his action is very rich, in addition to the staffing and greeted him induction will swing head as a response , but when you hand close to him , she would quickly call the tune back ; she also keeps track of your hand , that you have got her favorite food ; when she sat down to rest, move your hand slowly into his line of sight , and then slowly down to her left foot or right foot office, she will extend his feet will interact with you , looks very cute ; also, when you put your hand over the head of her sight , he will sit to suit you ; when you carefully observed , its tail would have been shaking, because of the exigencies of vibration motors installed .

Overall, the feedback from the customer and the exhibition and the children of parents who interact with , this product will be clever kinematics , dynamic life science and technology exhibits , enough to attract the attention of the audience , then, you will find she is not only a technology demonstration , but also a work of art !

Main architecture is carved into the acrylic sheet products , ingenious structure , strong and durable , while the leg steering gear box with thick , practical and durable. Line section is also very simple , children aged 12 or above can be self-assembly .

Note: leg servos , reactions are extremely rapid , agile , such as science and technology museum exhibit or display time high intensity for 5 minutes or more, or have frequent upright action, advised consumers to bring their own 3 to 5 leg servos .

Size : 140 * 120 * 130mm
Weight : 250g ( without lithium battery )
Voltage: 7.4V
Recommended Power : 7.4V 1100mAh 10C 8.14WH lithium battery ( light, power is large enough )
Current : 0.5 ~ 1.5A
Working Hours : high intensity continuous work, more than five minutes is not recommended

For groups :

Technology Pavilion
Children and Technology Counseling
Children's Palace, school technology demonstration
Celebration , festivals , exhibitions performing robot
Hands-on science and technology training courses


Manual:Download link



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