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DAGU 6DOF aluminum robotic arm
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DAGU 6DOF aluminum robotic arm
  • NO.:RA001A
  • Brand:DAGU
  • Weight:4.000kilogram
  • Sales time:2013-12-28
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Goods Brief:


Servo robot , by definition, is composed of six servo motor-driven robotic arm . Since it is the arm , then there a few joints, we can think of , our human arm, in addition to the shoulder , elbow, wrist joints outside of these three , plus the finger joints , there are a lot of joints . I believe this is the same robotic arm with six servo motor to achieve a simple structure of hands , except that no one from so many joints , but also lacks some nerve tissue and the nervous system , however , has a " smart hand" ( to be completed by complex assembly, handling or humanoid hand grab eggs ) of the " humanoid " robot is a robot the forefront of research .
Our six servo machinery to ingenious mechanical structure, combined with its control system , showing the operation of the 6-DOF robot control principle . It uses three 13kg torque metal gear , a 3.2kg, 2.3kg servo and some two precision aluminum machining component combination. Currently , the company's robotic arm to 390mm length -based, 32- way controller to control the operation of the robot arm movements, the controller uses atmega168 MCU, and the computer RS232 serial communication , can simultaneously control 32 servo motors , dual power power Supply (6 ~ 12V SCM power , 4.8 ~ 6V servo motor power [ servo motor power supply , respectively, with 1-16 and 17-32 powered port ] ) , and also has a wi-fi wireless control module, set aside ISP download mouth , with the STK500 ISP download cable can be downloaded at MCU control procedures.

Features :

- The perfect combination of aluminum structures ;
- ATMEGA 168 for a 32- channel control ;
- Visualization PC interface, so that your vision is more intuitive ;
- Support simple command control , to achieve coherence robotic arm movements ;
- Set aside the ISP download port controller with STK500 ISP download cable for control can be
On-board microcontroller to be programmed ;
- Has a wi-fi wireless control module expansion port , the demand for higher customer use ;
- Super metallic and aluminum scratch process .

" Configuration instructions "
Operating voltage: [ 1 ~ 16 ] Lu Motor Power Input Voltage 4.8 ~ 6V
[ 17 to 32 ] Lu Motor Power Input Voltage 4.8 ~ 6V
SCM Supply Voltage 6V ~ 12V
Working current : Servo Motor Supply Current Input 2 ~ 3A [ PS-303D Power Supply Model Best ]
DOF : 6
Control chip : ATMEGA 168
Maximum lifting force : 200G (6V, 3A operating environment )
Maximum Servo : 13KG (4 pcs.)
Medium Servo : 3KG (2 pcs.)
Arm Length : 390mm

Manual: download link

Claw Manual: download link



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